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Repo info
    in first module i can have an entity called Category that refers to product category, and in orders module i can have another entity with same name but refers to Contact category the have placed an order
    actually I have to put in a common DbContext two IDbSet with different name, like ProductCategories and ContactsCategories.
    It would be nice if i can refer to ProductCategories like a namespaces ... e.g. DbContext.Catalogue.Categories.GetAll() and refer to other entity same way, like DbContext.Orders.Categories.GetAll()
    someone have an idea ?
    hello world
    Luiz Guilherme Picorelli
    Hello! I have a question.. where is the best place to put my enums folder?
    Justin Lim
    hello, you can put it together with your entity i think
    hello i want ask the question about how write a location custom validate message in model validate attribute?
    Kévin Germain
    @Andyahui Hello
    Berin Iwlew
    You guys have done a phenomenal job with Abp!
    hi guys!
    Kévin Germain
    Happy New Year ahahaha
    hi every one. i have a little problem with aspnetboilerplate. i need to design UI pages in order to show information for public user. what is best approach for implementing this solution. for example design Area named FrontEnd or UserInterface in WebMPA project or Define new WebApplication as entire project in main solution. i use abp ver2.3.0 (mvc with multi page applicaion).
    Fabricio Damazio
    @picorelli if you use just on one entity, you can use the same file or you can create a "shared" folder and create your enums
    Hi guys, I'm experimenting with blazor. And I thought lets port the js proxies to a blazor (C#) class. Here is the beginning: https://github.com/asoet/Abp-Blazor-Proxy
    Fabricio Damazio
    @asoet i'll take a look! i'm experimenting with blazor too
    Hi guys ... ABP and ANZ websites seems to be offline.
    I Tweeted to @aspnetzero facing that issue ... are there someone here?
    Hey, just curious about some identity decisions implemented
    Currently Identity 3 doesn't have a permissions table. Nor does it have a claims table. So there is not way to specify available claims in a database. I'm looking to implement this functionality, and am curious if building a table called "Claims" then specifying the "ClaimType" as "Permission". Why didn't ABP do a similar functionality (because it's an Anti Pattern?), and also why isn't RoleClaims table deleted since it isn't being used?
    MdNadeem Shaikh

    Hey guys, i am trying to implement a custom login functionality in ABP(MVC 5 MultiWebAppJquery). My reqs are as follows As an admin user I want a capability to restrict users to login on certain days E.g.
    User A - Can login from M-F (Weekends not allowed to login).
    User B - Can login only on Weekends (M-F not allowed to login).
    I was thinking to give a Multi-Select control in the UI to choose which days user is not allowed to login. For User A it will be Sat, Sun(2 items) and User B it will be M-F (5 items)

    Here is my initial attempt first i was thinking to create UserLoginConfig.cs in (MyCompany.MyProject.Core.Authorization) folder.
    This class has to be something similar like UserRole, so that it can contain UserId and WeekName. So for User A #1 and User B #2, here is how data should be stored.
    1, Saturday | 1, Sunday | 2, Monday | 2, Tuesday ... | 2, Friday|.

    UserLoginConfig class will have two primitive properties (int UserId, string WeekName) and one will be navigation property (protected virtual User User) with a ForeignKey attribute on [ForeignKey(nameof(UserId))].

    In MyProjectDbContext file i will add a DbSet<UserLoginConfig> UserLoginConfig {get; set;}

    And use the generic Repository IRepository<UserLoginConfig> for validation via UserAppService method IsAllowedToLogin.

    I am not that familiar with ASP.NET Identity Authentication, i need some starter points where i can use my UserAppService.IsAllowedToLogin method to not allow users to login. I would really appreciate if any guidance or tips. Thanks

    hello papapa
    Luis Manuel Averhoff
    Hey, does anyone of a good open source api for C# that is good for generating previews for documents(docx, pdf etc)? I know of aspose but I'm looking for an alternative for that one.
    @LuisAverhoff opensdkxml
    Gökşah Taşyürek
    Hi there How to handle EntityNotFoundException ?
    Vitor Durante
    does this generate a project from git's master?
    Sen Gupta
    Hello All
    Tried to setup MicroservicesDemo
    The project builds like charm!
    The database were created as expected
    But when i run AuthServer.Host i get AbpUserOrganizationUnits Invalid ExceptionFrom Entity Framework
    Is this has something to do with multi-tenancy?
    This is on APB Core

    anyone here trier to change the default location (wwwroot/App_Data/Logs) of logs to a custom one outside the wwwroot folder? (e.g. /home/logs)

    Thanks in advance

    Parsa Gachkar
    Hi is this room for Abp.io?
    anyone got an efficient solution to query an IdentityUser with ExtraProperty?
    Parsa Gachkar
    Or with Claim?