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Jun 2015
René Olivo
Jun 03 2015 00:16 UTC
forget the previous one, I think there was a bug within the zombiejs library that was throwing that error message for me. I'll do a pull request shortly.
My next problem is an "easy one". whenever I use window.location.href = 'newurl';
I get
RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  at DOM.HTMLFrameElement._attrModified (/home/reneolivo/Desktop/work/travelwise/node_modules/zombie/lib/dom/iframe.js:48:57)
  at DOM.HTMLFrameElement._attrModified (/home/reneolivo/Desktop/work/travelwise/node_modules/zombie/lib/dom/iframe.js:88:55)
any ideas?
René Olivo
Jun 03 2015 15:05 UTC

browser.window.console returns {}

When I try to do console.log('whatever') from the client side, it throws an TypeError: undefined is not a function