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Repo info
    Okeke Arthur Ugochukwu
    Hi guys
    I'm currently considering using zombie.js and would also be interested in making it better.
    René Olivo
    Hello, I have set up my test and some times it works well and other times it fails without making any changes to it. The error message I get is AssertionError: No open window with an HTML document. I'm not trying to close the window myself so I'm not sure what this error message is about. Any ideas?
    René Olivo
    forget the previous one, I think there was a bug within the zombiejs library that was throwing that error message for me. I'll do a pull request shortly.
    My next problem is an "easy one". whenever I use window.location.href = 'newurl';
    I get
    RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
      at DOM.HTMLFrameElement._attrModified (/home/reneolivo/Desktop/work/travelwise/node_modules/zombie/lib/dom/iframe.js:48:57)
      at DOM.HTMLFrameElement._attrModified (/home/reneolivo/Desktop/work/travelwise/node_modules/zombie/lib/dom/iframe.js:88:55)
    any ideas?
    René Olivo

    browser.window.console returns {}

    When I try to do console.log('whatever') from the client side, it throws an TypeError: undefined is not a function