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Sep 2016
Gustav Nikolaj
Sep 07 2016 09:06
@Munter Regarding adding those assetIds to the nested template filenames, I have a little problem. I cannot use the assetId as it is happening inside the systemjs plugin. Would a hash of the template contents be good enough in its place?
Peter Müller
Sep 07 2016 09:15
Sure. If you can help anything human readable, try to. In the builder I made it so anything human readable and recognizable comes first
Gustav Nikolaj
Sep 07 2016 11:31
@Munawwar @Munter Unfortunately it doesn't really work out with this template splitting, or coming up with proper names from the extracted templates.
It actually works fine with nested templates in development, and it also works when built with AssetGraph, so you shouldn't be blocked on this, as there is specific handling of knockout templates in assetgraph still.
This is however still interesting, with the perspective of getting rid of the knockout specific parts of assetgraph and moving them to systemjs plugins.
I'll try to summarize and park the issue until we have time to look into it. @papandreou and me are trying to move the internationalization stuff to a plugin, and we would like to move internationalization of templates out as well. Which is a prerequisite for any of this work with extracting behavior from assetgraph to make sense
Sep 07 2016 12:55
:thumbsup: on moving the i18n stuff out from ag-b. I was asking for it for Web Editor years ago since a JS bundle per language is wasteful and slow to load. Let JS do the internationalization dynamically (with exception of the HTML in index.html/entry HTML file ...for purpose of a loading screen)