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Jul 2017
Andreas Lind
Jul 22 2017 09:24
@Munter I added some tests of the error propagation in TransformQueue: assetgraph/assetgraph@a3b5b7f
It all seems to be working as expected so far -- do you remember a case where an error was being swallowed?
Andreas Lind
Jul 22 2017 09:37
There's a chance this fixes it, per our conversation: assetgraph/assetgraph@6db6ab9
Peter Müller
Jul 22 2017 11:15
Can't recall the cases off the top of my head.
I managed to switch to the new way of snapping to the available font properties yesterday. assetgraph/assetgraph@46ddcb5
It was late and I just made the old tests pass. Haven't written tests for the snapping function yet
Andreas Lind
Jul 22 2017 12:24
Sounds very promising! Getting close...