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Ricardo Reis
This issue can happen on iOS too, that is statically linked on Unity. I'm not sure if iOS can load them dynamically, there may be a reason Unity is adding them statically to the XCode project
So, ideally, Assimp should use the latest ClipperLib, Zlib and MiniZip versions, all having options to be dynamically and statically linked
Then I could compile Assimp statically, and leave the zlib.a, minizip.a and clipperlib.a behind, to let Unity use it's own implementation when linking
Tyler Morgan
Hello everyone, I'm really unfamiliar with build processes in c++. Is building for the CLI any different than building the whole library and if so, is there documentation anywhere of how to do it?
Kim Kulling
@rickomax I guess I need to do a complete cleanup with all of these zlib / minizip stuff
@kimkulling hello. I have seen a lot of people struggle with skeletal animations with assimp . (I did too)
So I decided to create a standalone, simple tutorial
Most tutorials that are available aren't standalone and you can't understand what's going on by reading the code in the tutorial.
I'm s
I'm busy with my work but I really would love to write this tutorial to help others but I really don't want to spend my time writing a tutorial that no knows exists and gets anything out of it. So if you would like to feature this tutorial on github page I will take time to write it.
Tell me what you think. Good luck
Is anyone else receiving error messages while trying to use the Online 3D Converter tool? (by Alexander Gessler)
(an awesome tool btw, ty for that)
Kim Kulling
@Optimizer0 sure, I will promote it after reading it!
@SalatielSauer which kind of issues?
Alright. I will work on it in my free time. I will be able to complete within a month.
@kimkulling after uploading a .md3 model, this message is shown:
the file is 6kb
Yo all ! Just wanted to congratz and thank ya all for amazing Assimp and 5.0 release! :- )
Justin Clift
@kimkulling Any chance of the website repo being synced to the actual website any time soon, so people can make PR's?
Are there any doxygen/otehr docs for 5.0 maybe ?
Mhm... perhaps one1 can answer... in what case an aiNode can have more than 1 mNumMeshes assigned to it?
@kimkulling: any comments on #2877 ?
hoo boy, we got the google autofuzz invitation
so you signed up for oss-fuzz... expect a LOT of bug reports from it
because when i fuzzed this thing i got multiple crashes within seconds on an older processor
if they're going to use an actual cluster...
2 minutes for afl++ to generate a crashing .obj starting from multiple_spaces.obj test file on 1 core of a laptop processor with suboptimal frequency governor
Kim Kulling
@justinclift What is out ou sync on the website?
thanks for the hint
@turol Yes: thanks a lot, merged!
@turol I do agree that we will get a lot lot lot of work. but that should be the target of this project to get this importers / exporters stable
so from my point of view with the knowledge who is working with assimp ( special in my buissness ) it makes sense to have a fuzzer up and running
@kimkulling appveyor is really slow
should we move to something else for windows? does github actions support it?
Kim Kulling
just read about the performance of the github-actions. at the moment much slower
the appveyor stuff uses msbuild, but I haven't found the right way for multicore builds.
@kimkulling the appveyor "mingw" build is not actually using mingw
it just defaults to some visual studio because the generator is not set correctly
Kim Kulling
ok, thanks for the hint
I waas also wondering becaue the documentation says thet msbuild is the default way to go and when trying to set the number of core for the build to improve the performance I was not able to do this
ha, I got new glasses. I even can see the dust between my keys on my keyboard
not bug will have a chance ...
@kimkulling: any idea what's up with the .blend files? #2907
Kim Kulling
No, I try to figure ot out. They were introduced my alexander. Even in his old tests many of them were broken.
Just checked ...
I guess I could do this as a fulltime job