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May 2014
Thomas Robitaille
May 04 2014 06:24
@cdeil - the dependencies are pre-installed in virtual environments
(the nice thing compared to Travis)
still working on some issues getting all the versions of Numpy to compile
but getting there
compiling numpy 1.4.1 on Mavericks is fun
Thomas Robitaille
May 04 2014 07:59
@cdeil - ha, I googled an error message and found your post:!msg/anaconda/BIw7pUOS1qM/TRBssVz9EmEJ
Adam Ginsburg
May 04 2014 10:02
that happens to me all the time now (specifically, googling errors and finding cdeil's posts)
May 04 2014 20:31
btw I noticed that scipy 0.14 requires numpy 1.5.1 now.
Thomas Robitaille
May 04 2014 20:52
ok - so we're on the same page as them then :)