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May 2014
Erik Tollerud
May 19 2014 03:56
nor have I... can you tell where it's actually coming from, @keflavich ? That is, are there any configuration items set that might actually be using unicode?
Adam Ginsburg
May 19 2014 19:09
can anyone offer tips on getting ccache working? As far as I can tell, I've installed it correctly via symlink:
$ ls -lh which gcc
but compiling astropy still takes a few minutes
lrwxr-xr-x 1 adam staff 29 Mar 16 11:46 /Users/adam/bin/ccache/gcc -> /Users/adam/bin/ccache/ccache
Adam Ginsburg
May 19 2014 20:29
can astropy 0.3.2 read this table?
Erik Tollerud
May 19 2014 21:12
@keflavich - just tried it now, and it appears the answer is yes:
but, note that the first three characters seem to be something unredable (unicode?)
InconsistentTableError: Number of header columns (1) inconsistent with data columns (14) at data line 0
Header values: ['\xef\xbb\xbf']
Data values: ['Object', 'Target Ra Dec', 'Target l b', 'ProgId', 'DP.ID', 'OB.ID', 'DPR.CATG', 'DPR.TYPE', 'DPR.TECH', 'ISS.CONF.STATION1', 'ISS.CONF.STATION2', 'ISS.CONF.STATION3', 'INS.GRAT1.WLEN', 'DIMM S-avg']
Thomas Robitaille
May 19 2014 21:55
@keflavich - does astropy use gcc when compiling?
on mac it uses clang
you might want to symlink clang too