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May 2014
May 23 2014 00:50
@eteq - a little late but I got the notes about the astropy-helpers sub-repo. That advice worked for me.
So how are notifications supposed to work? I have it enabled for an @ mention of me but I don't get notified in any obvious way.
Erik Tollerud
May 23 2014 05:07
@taldcroft - for me, I get pop-up notifications when someone @ messages me on gitter. I also get e-mails that indicate that there is “activity on gitter”, but I haven’t been able to tell if that’s assoiated with @ messages or not… It relaly would be nice if it was, though!
Thomas Robitaille
May 23 2014 12:10
In the top right there is a 'preferences' button you can click and then set the notification preferences
May 23 2014 13:44
I previously had notification set for @ mentions, and I don't think I got any such notifications. I just changed back to "all messages" and that generated an email.