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May 2014
Thomas Robitaille
May 27 2014 11:29
@eteq - hmm, to avoid updating submodule, try --offline - seem to remember seeing it mentioned somewhere
@wkerzendorf - for further options to AstropyTest - that class is actually in astropy, not astropy_helpers (the test command wrapper is in the helpers though). If you want to pass any additional options to py.test, you can do e.g. -a "-x". What did you have in mind?
Wolfgang Kerzendorf
May 27 2014 12:52
@astrofrog I use --args="-foo", but I wonder if there is an easy way to add options (i.e. like --ipdb).
Erik Tollerud
May 27 2014 19:25
@wkerzendorf - the —args way is the only way if it isn’t something that’s been written into the test command. But if you want to add something, I beleive the procedure is that you have to update the test command in the helpers and the test function in the