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May 2014
Wolfgang Kerzendorf
May 28 2014 15:08 UTC
I was also wondering why we do not use tox within Travis? - but maybe there are good reasons.
Thomas Robitaille
May 28 2014 20:54 UTC
@wkerzendorf - because if we used tox, it would run all within one build on Travis = slower - the current way, the different builds happen on different nodes
Wolfgang Kerzendorf
May 28 2014 22:11 UTC
@astrofrog I see, it is very annoying that there is no easy way to test the Travis builds offline. Some people had success with downloading the vagrant boxes that travis put out there but they seem to have gone. I guess for now that's as good as it gets.
Erik Tollerud
May 28 2014 23:59 UTC
@astrofrog - is there a plan for how to update the astropy_helpers submodule? That is, it would be good to get some of the changes into the main astropy repo - should I just update astropy_helpers in master, or do a PR?