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Jun 2014
Erik Tollerud
Jun 11 2014 05:38
@cdeil - that works too, although it’s a bit problematic if someone passes in a frame object instead of a SkyCoord - you can guard against that by just doing something like coordinate = SkyCoord(coordinate) before the == 'icrs' part.
Thomas Robitaille
Jun 11 2014 08:50
sorry, @bsipocz - regarding the stacking question from a couple of days ago, I'd actually just do the stacking with Montage - I'm not sure if there's a much easier way
Brigitta Sipocz
Jun 11 2014 17:37
@astrofrog - Thanks. I recall trying to make Montage and aplpy work for this, but gave up after a while and switched back to casutools and making a dummy FOV template manually. Haven't got much further than that since...