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Jun 2014
Pritish Chakraborty
Jun 24 2014 14:58
@taldcroft @eteq For a frame coordinate object, is it possible to get one of the attributes to default to a particular value (not a FrameAttribute)? For example, a frame in spherical rep has lon, lat and distance. Can I get distance to default to, say, the solar radius?
I could, of course, create an init method and try to modify the args/kwargs within it. That would be tedious though. FrameAttribute helps avoid that but I can't add distance as a FrameAttribute as well as keep it as a 'name' in _frame_specific_representation_info, it throws a ton of obscure errors during testing.
Pritish Chakraborty
Jun 24 2014 15:11
And yes, I intend to map the name 'rad' to 'distance' in SphericalRepresentation. So I cannot add it as a FrameAttribute.
Jun 24 2014 19:27
Responded on astropy dev.