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Apr 2015
Henry Roe
Apr 21 2015 03:43
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I gathered together a bunch of today's #pyastro15 tweets in one place
Geert Barentsen
Apr 21 2015 08:15
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Matt Craig
Apr 21 2015 12:34
@michaelaye -- go ahead and put your constants into a new file in astropy/constants (pick a name appropriate for it) and open a pull request. Better to open a pull request early in your work rather than later in case changes are needed.
Most discussion related to astropy happens in github
K.-Michael Aye
Apr 21 2015 15:49
ok, will do!
Henry Roe
Apr 21 2015 22:08

With a few minutes here & there today, these are the tweets from Day 2 of #pyastro15 that caught my eye: