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Dec 2015
Adrian Price-Whelan
Dec 03 2015 15:57
hey all -- I'm working on documentation for a package built off of the astropy package-template. Does anyone know where JQuery comes from? e.g., who downloads it (is it astropy-helpers? or sphinx itself?) and how does that code determine what version of JQuery to get?
The reason I ask is that the code output hide/show is broken for new versions of JQuery (e.g., this: -- the Javascript magic that inserts the little >>> toggle in code blocks)
Actually I'm not sure that it's "newer" versions, just "some versions"
Erik Tollerud
Dec 03 2015 20:25
you mean in sphinx, right @adrn? it looks to me like the basic sphinx theme (which bootstrap-astropy is derived from) provides a jquery file
I think you could override it by just putting a different one in astropy_helpers/sphinx/themes/bootstrap-astropy/static, but I’m not 100% sure if it will override
Adrian Price-Whelan
Dec 03 2015 22:02
@eteq I'm trying to understand whether this is a bug with the version of copybutton.js that is included with astropy-helpers. I think the only reason the astropy documentation doesn't have this issue is that readthedocs provides a jquery-migrate file that patches the old function and issues a deprecation warning (open your javascript console and go to, e.g.,
So, to clarify, I do think it is a bug, but just getting other opinions before I make an issue...
Or solve