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Apr 2016
Kumar Ayush
Apr 05 2016 05:28
I came here after the post on astropy-dev. This is really good. :smile:
Wolfgang Kerzendorf
Apr 05 2016 12:10
@eteq I think the suggested workflow is to only have one commit per PR. I also thought that if you rebase your branch that there won’t be merge commits.
Brigitta Sipocz
Apr 05 2016 14:01
@wkerzendorf - Yes you are right, rebase removes the merge commits, but in this workflow one should never ever rebase master, thus there will be merge commits there.
The idea is that each branch is unique and a commit exist only in one place, and they are moved onto the master by merging. (and if one uses merges from upstream on feature branches, well that would mess up this nice clean flow by introducing duplicate commits, etc.)
Erik Tollerud
Apr 05 2016 19:58
What @bsipocz said. When you hit the “merge” button on github (at least when you’re in the non-squish/used to be only mode), it always produces a merge commit, even if it’s on top of master. See, for example, eteq/astropy#39, where I issued a PR against myself and then immediately merged. Yet there’s still a merge commit in addition to the actual “content” commit.
This is a good thing for managing maintainence branches - it makes it easy to move PRs from master to the maintainence branch while still keeping the full history in master