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May 2016
Michael Seifert
May 22 2016 01:17
@eteq That's weird because I could have sworn when I moved the line from the end of the docs/ to the "General settings" (same file but almost at the top) it changed the RTD output. But maybe that's just RTDs caching system which makes the difference. On a related note: I just noticed that the "meta" attribute I had successfully included in #4921 got lost again. :disappointed:
Michael Seifert
May 22 2016 01:33
@mwcraig Do you have any suggestions what I should write at the Whatsnew page regarding NDData? I lost a bit track of what are the "big changes", if there are any. Which things would you mention?
Matt Craig
May 22 2016 04:48
@MSeifert04 the biggest changes that spring to mind are:
  • Greatly enhanced arithmetic, it is now possible to do arithmetic operations on an NDData and a scalar, a quantity or another NDData.
  • Limited support for correlated errors.
  • Extensive refactoring to make subclassing more straightforward.