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Jun 2016
Adam Ginsburg
Jun 07 2016 09:34
@bsipocz is there anything else you think we need prior to a new astroquery release? Otherwise, I'll try to make it happen today
Jun 07 2016 10:45

@eteq Thanks for the answer. I ended up with

from astropy.tests.pytest_plugins import *
from astropy.tests.pytest_plugins import pytest_addoption as  aph_pytest_addoption

def pytest_addoption(parser):
    < our code>

Which is essentially the same.
Writing a dynamic solution would be as simple as looping over the two variables.
But as there currently is no huge advantage and this feature isn't demanded I'd postpone a proper PR to astropy.
If you whish for the feature to be implemented, just contact me.

Erik Tollerud
Jun 07 2016 15:23
@yehaner - no one else has yet asked for it, and that solution is straightforward enough that it probably isn’t necessary to build anything complex. but, it might be worthwhile to do a PR against the package-template that adds this in as a commented-out example? Then anyone who wants to do this can see right there how to do it the way you did
Brigitta Sipocz
Jun 07 2016 21:05
@keflavich - Somehow I didn't get an e-mail notification for this, so I'm sorry not responding sooner. I think we are ready with everything we wanted to finish, and would be nice to get it out of the door sooner rather than later (as the sdss complaints keep coming...)