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Jul 2016
Adam Ginsburg
Jul 11 2016 09:30
@bsipocz if you have a minute, could you fill me in on the ConfigParser issue briefly?
@bsipocz I think it is affecting the conda-distributed spectral-cube release
Brigitta Sipocz
Jul 11 2016 10:52
hey @keflavich, are you still here?
The conda spectral-cube is still has the issue as it's v0.3.1
you need to make a new release that includes the fix, so we can make a conda package that does work with the new python 3.5.2
or as a workaround you can use the spectral-cube master through pip rather than the pacakged version, but since you are the maintainer for both I guess it's roughly the same amount of work to do a release or change everyting to use the dev version
Brigitta Sipocz
Jul 11 2016 10:58
As for the conda release, you can either update the version number in a PR to conda-channel-astropy, or ping me so I do it.