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Oct 2016
Brigitta Sipocz
Oct 14 2016 15:36
Anyone knows how to cancel a RTD build? it's claiming to be running for more than an hour which is surely not true, so I want to restart it. I've already tried to wipe several times, but it doesn't stop it
Oct 14 2016 15:36
Cadair you can stop it under builds
Cadair II think
Cadair maybe not actually
Cadair no ok, I have no idea
Cadair and SunPy has three builds bordering around the 1 Day mark
Adam Ginsburg
Oct 14 2016 19:26
@taldcroft I'm trying to extract a table from a webpage using beautifulsoup
but, beautifulsoup adds non-ascii characters.
I don't know how to prevent that
dammit, it's encode, not decode.
uh, hmm. So, I now have a file with no non-ascii characters in it
but it still won't read
Nathan Goldbaum
Oct 14 2016 19:35
if i had a time machine, i'd go back and make them spell "encode" and "decode" as "to_bytes" and "from_bytes"
Oct 14 2016 20:04
Cadair text_from_bytes?