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Oct 2016
John ZuHone
Oct 24 2016 19:50
I had a question about the AstroPy logger. I import the logger using from astropy.log import log as mylog, and then use it like, etc. I notice that the timestamp isn’t shown whenever it logs to stdout, but I expect from the default configuration that it should be. am I missing something?
Thomas Robitaille
Oct 24 2016 21:17
@jzuhone - at the moment I think the stdout output is handled by StreamHandler here: - which doesn't include the timestamp. However we've had an open issue for a while to implement a way to configure this: astropy/astropy#214 - and I still think this would be worthwhile, since having the timestamp could be useful in some cases.
John ZuHone
Oct 24 2016 21:29
@astrofrog thanks, that’s useful