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Nov 2016
Nov 14 2016 09:10
haikyu on Freenode Hello. I've been using astropy since a few months for a project and I'd started out wanting to contribute to ccdproc and psf photometry since I have worked with these. I'm finding it difficult to get to know where exactly to start out since there are a lot of things.
haikyu on Freenode I contributed to sewpy but the code base was fairly simple so please help me out.
Matt Craig
Nov 14 2016 15:32
@haikyu -- It would be great to get you involved (I'm one of the devs on ccdproc). I would start by looking over the open issues in the repository and/or looking over the documentation, looking for something (even something that you might think is fairly small) as a thing to fix. The actual mechanics of making a change are described in the astropy dev docs: