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Nov 2016
Nov 16 2016 00:24
Jfault on Freenode is anyone here?
Nov 16 2016 03:25
adempus on Freenode hi...anyone active?
Nov 16 2016 03:48
Jfault on Freenode err
Jfault on Freenode hi adempus, no I don't think so
Jfault on Freenode do you have a question? I might be able to help
Jfault on Freenode ...
adempus on Freenode srry
adempus on Freenode So, I'm trying to make an app that can interface with a database to collect information about stars...and parse that information somehow to display with a picture
Nov 16 2016 03:53
adempus on Freenode So...if in my application I type "alpha centurai" whatever api can return a JSON document about that star that can be parsed.
adempus on Freenode does such a thing exist?
Nov 16 2016 03:59
adempus on Freenode Jfault: would SIMBAD provide such services?
Nov 16 2016 04:05
Jfault on Freenode adempus: hmm, I'm more of a guy who downloads huge star catalogs and parses them but...
Jfault on Freenode you are asking for an API to do that?
adempus on Freenode Jfault: yeah
Jfault on Freenode SIMBAD probably would, depending on your use case
Jfault on Freenode never used it myself though
adempus on Freenode okay
adempus on Freenode ...would you recommend anything else?
Jfault on Freenode err, no never used anything of the sort
Jfault on Freenode most of my (hobbyist) work is on asteroids and exoplanets -/-
adempus on Freenode ooh
adempus on Freenode would it be a good idea to use glade for the GUI?