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Nov 2016
Matt Craig
Nov 30 2016 03:43
@wkerzendorf -- once you have them going on conda-forge please do open a PR to add them to open astronomy also. That will copy them over from the conda-forge, providing access to those without requiring all of conda-forge.
Adam Ginsburg
Nov 30 2016 18:09
hey folks, what is circleci / what is it for? I just noticed it on an astropy PR
Nov 30 2016 18:10
Cadair it's doing 32bit tests
adamginsburg on Freenode ahh, ok. On linux? It seems to have failed immediately; couldn't pull the docker instance or something....
Cadair yeah linux in a docker container
Cadair adamginsburg: you might be interested in:
Cadair it's the thing that's sitting in the middle of gitter and irc
adamginsburg on Freenode so is it a third thing I can log into on adium and have yet another tag associated with my name?
adamginsburg on Freenode neat!
Cadair I have started using it as my primary IRC client
Cadair there is a libpurple client plugin, but I don't know if it works on adium
adamginsburg on Freenode hmm
Cadair I am talking to you on it now
Cadair you logged into gitter via IRC?
adamginsburg on Freenode yes
Adam Ginsburg
Nov 30 2016 18:14
Nov 30 2016 18:14
Cadair lol
adamginsburg on Freenode the gitter version is annoyingly verbose; the IRC version is nicer
Cadair yes, it has a really nice bi-directional IRC bridge
Cadair gitter does not support such things
Cadair so there has to be a gitter bot
adamginsburg on Freenode right
Nov 30 2016 18:21
Cadair if you want a mobile IRC client this works very well
Cadair there is a nice android app and combined with the irc bridge it works well
Nov 30 2016 18:27
adamginsburg on Freenode ahh, nice
adamginsburg on Freenode I am a poor typist on my phone, though, so I'm not sure I want that...