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Jan 2017
Brigitta Sipocz
Jan 16 2017 00:42
@Fco_gallard_twitter - could you provide a short code that produces the problem?
Francisco Gallardo
Jan 16 2017 00:59
so, it's quite simple
for k in conesearch.list_catalogs():
where: a=SkyCoord(ra=float(ar)u.deg,dec=float(dec)u.deg,frame='icrs')
and ar and dec is extracted from a large list of sources
Of course you'll have to import the necessary things
from astropy.vo.client import conesearch
from astropy.coordinates import ICRS
from astropy import units as u
from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord
Brigitta Sipocz
Jan 16 2017 13:20
@Fco_gallard_twitter - as said on the mailing list too, we would be more likely to be able to help and look at the problem if you provide a minimal failing example (e.g. no need to provide the whole large list of sources, just pick one or two that is problematic, etc). That means a fully copy-pasteble code snippet that produces the error for you, so we can test whether it produces the same for us; and if yes it can serve as a starting point to look for possible causes.