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Feb 2017
Hugh Dickinson
Feb 15 2017 15:46
Hi Astropy Experts! I have a question related to plotting with the WCS projection. It seems that the WCS object internally converts most units to their SI representation, so e.g. Ångström -> m. Is there any way to reverse this mapping when plotting so that I can straightforwardly make a plot in Ångström units?
Feb 15 2017 15:48
Cadair If the coordinate system is one known to astropy I think that WCSAxes will do that for you.
Feb 15 2017 17:35
Cadair there is a way to change the way the units are represented
Cadair I can't remember what it is tho
Cadair astrofrog ??
Thomas Robitaille
Feb 15 2017 17:43
If you are using WCSAxes then you can change the units to what you want with
it is a little annoying that the units get converted, and it might be nice to have a WCS wrapper class that can preserve units....