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Feb 2017
Feb 28 2017 15:42
Cadair In case anyone missed it yesterday, OpenAstronomy got accepted as a GSOC org
Mohan Agrawal
Feb 28 2017 19:17
Hello people! I am an Engineering Physics undergraduate and a developer. I was interested in the Astroplan project among others. Can someone help me to get started?
Mohan Agrawal
Feb 28 2017 19:25
I am well versed with Python3 and also have some past experience in dealing with FITS files. Hence I was also interested in projects on AstroPy Test Helper and combination of FITS and Tables. Could someone suggest me some good points to begin with on them?
VSN Reddy Janga
Feb 28 2017 19:29
Welcome @mohanagr !!
In the astroplan repository, or any other for that matter, select different labels in issues to suit your difficulty level.
Issues for newbies might be labelled as package-novice, easy, or something similar.
Mohan Agrawal
Feb 28 2017 20:30
All right. I am looking into a few issues.