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May 2017
Chris Suberlak
May 10 2017 00:35
Hi! If I am correct the Table group_by() object only supports .aggregate() method, which is only compatible with simple lambda-type functions (like numpy.mean, etc, taking in 1D arrays, returning a scalar). Are there plans to incorporate an equivalent of pandas groupby.apply(func), where func can perform any operations on the group, eg. using only specific columns, or performing arithmetic between different columns (eg. given a list of photometry grouped by object, with flux and flux_err columns calculate chi2 and weighted mean) ?
Thomas Spriggs
May 10 2017 10:20
Does anyone here know of a way to interact with an image generated from python? I ask as the next step I need to take is to have a map of the OIII fluxes for my object, but then I want to click on an area of interest + have the program select a 10x10 area say around the clicked section and perform a fit to it... any advice would be great
May 10 2017 10:27
Cadair There are quite a few options on that one.
Thomas Spriggs
May 10 2017 16:14
@Cadair @matrixbot What would you recommend?