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May 2017
Adam Ginsburg
May 25 2017 16:01
question about warnings and tests (@bsipocz?): I want to test that a particular warning message is raised. With with warnings.catch_warnings, the DeprecationWarning that gets caught and recorded is still resulting in a failed test, but if I put on an 'ignore' filter, it is not recorded
ah, nvm, it's with pytest.warns
May 25 2017 16:42
bsipocz @keflavich - I like these self solving questions. Btw I regulary run into SO questions you asked and then answered :)
adamginsburg on Freenode heh, yeah, me too, then I get surprised when I asked them. I also see lots of those that astrofrog has asked....
bsipocz not many of those for me, but plenty from embray