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Jun 2017
Jun 09 2017 15:31

Cadair ```

Time('2045-11-08T00:00:00.000(UTC)', scale='utc',
format='fits', in_subfmt='date_hms')
ValueError: Input values did not match the format class fits

Cadair why
Cadair why can I not specify scale='utc' to that?
Aarya Patil
Jun 09 2017 17:17
That is odd. Time('2045-11-08T00:00:00.000(UTC)', format='fits', in_subfmt='date_hms') works fine.
I think there must be an issue with checking if the scales are equal, since the code does that (that is what I understood looking at the code that is)
Although I might be wrong
Aarya Patil
Jun 09 2017 17:56
Yes, it works fine if we replace
elif (scale != self.scale or fits_scale != self._fits_scale or
fits_realization != self._fits_realization):
by just scale != self.scale in the TimeFITS class
I think a PR could be opened for this
Aarya Patil
Jun 09 2017 18:08
On a different note, how do I check values of certain class attributes if it gets called by another class? I am doing some changes to the io.fits core and one function call has around 6-7 function calls one after the other and checking this is a pain.
Matt Craig
Jun 09 2017 20:34
@AustereCuriosity -- could you clarify what you mean? Or point me to the bits of io.fits you have questions about...