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Sep 2017
Sep 02 2017 16:18

Hello Everybody,

i'm not true programmer and therefore I'm looking for a module that help me to calculate , in a simple way, the position of the planets and lunar node in heliocentric and geocentric mode. Now I'm using external software and use the swiss ephemeris pdf.

ex from swiss pdf:

date 2017 08 24 venus on (6'28 gemini) helio therefore 66'28 on 360 dial, 27'24 cancer geocentric , therefore 117'24 on 360 dial

Can astropy calculate these? eventually , show a simple code.

Plus, there is a function that count the total movement of a single or the distance of two planets, in degrees between two dates?

ex: from 2007 07 14 to 2011 01 18, mars moved 618'43 geocentric (360+258'43).




Matt Craig
Sep 02 2017 17:25
I've usually used pyephem for these sorts of calculations...I think there is movement towards supporting more solar system objects in astropy. If you are on facebook try also posting to the Python in Astronomy facebook group. That group gets responses to almost any question very quickly.