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Sep 2017
Sep 26 2017 13:36
bsipocz Cadair - saimn's follow-up probably does, mine was more the trivial stuff that could have been removed in a semi-automated way.
Cadair ah cool
bsipocz (also, sorry for the lte response, didn't logged into riot all last week)
matrixbot Cadair is sad he hasn't had time to clean out the quantity input stuff
Sep 26 2017 13:38
bsipocz maybe it's still there, I honestly have no idea, there was a lot of things going on lately
Cadair know that feeling
bsipocz :)
Sep 26 2017 14:06
saimn on Freenode bsipocz: Cadair: I didn't touch quantity input
saimn on Freenode there are still many things like things to update
Cadair 3.0 is dropping 3.4 as well?
Sep 26 2017 14:22
saimn on Freenode I think so
Cadair the whole functools backport in extern can go if it hasn't gone already iirc
Cadair I want to open a PR to deprecate the keyword syntax for quantity_input.
Cadair function annotation all the way
Sep 26 2017 15:12
bsipocz yes, 3.4 is out, too
bsipocz so we can start using @
Cadair also that
Cadair and async def
Cadair :D