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Oct 2017
Oct 09 2017 12:48
astrofrog Cadair, can you give me permission level 100 on this channel?
astrofrog (admin)
Cadair why did you not have that already lol
matrixbot Cadair is clearly power hungry
Oct 09 2017 12:50
astrofrog ( Testing from slack
astrofrog ( Testing from matrix
astrofrog ( All set!
Cadair yay
Cadair so this is a seperate channel in slack now?
astrofrog ( Yes it's called #C7ESRMJJD|irc-and-gitter
astrofrog ( wait that should be #irc-and-gitter
Cadair lol
Cadair room linkage?
Cadair cool cool
Cadair matrix bridging the world together
Oct 09 2017 13:00
Cadair To everyone on the matrix side of this room, you will probably also want to join which is now the main astropy channel.
Cadair to those not in the matrix side, this is now bridged into the new slack team for astropy so you can keep using this if you (sensibly) don't want to use slack ;)
bsipocz (although I would very much suggest switching to slack, there are other channels beyond "general" for more focused discussions, etc ;))
matrixbot Cadair shall stubbornly not be using slack
Oct 09 2017 13:03
Cadair @eteq used his trump card to get me into the spectroscopy one :p
bsipocz sure, I'm just saying that it's actually quite nice, and way much more active than any of the previous attemps were, and I'm convinced that it's because of the multiplicity of channels and comfortable added features like ability to start a thread, reactions and the party parrot 😉
Cadair posted an image: parrot.gif
Cadair we shall see
Cadair I am sceptical
bsipocz it's not animated, and you shouldn't "invoke the party parrot in vain!"
Cadair it's animated for me
matrixbot Cadair shall only use the parrot in a sarcastic manner
Oct 09 2017 13:09
bsipocz well, it's animated for me on slack, but not here ;)
Cadair using the desktop app?
bsipocz yeap
Cadair you probably need to upgrade it
eteq I'm looking at this on the riot mobile app and it's not animated for me...
Cadair oh gods
bsipocz hehe, there you see, 2 of 3 is not animated, debate is closed.
eteq And this is proving bsipocz's point ;)
Cadair what is occuring
Cadair I think it's tap to animate on mobile
bsipocz (btw I have the latest desktop app)
Cadair curious
bsipocz ah, ok, mouseover animates it.
Cadair @eteq where are you talking from?
Cadair gitter?
bsipocz still you can't use it as a reaction
Cadair i mean...
Stuart Mumford
Oct 09 2017 13:14
Oct 09 2017 13:14
Cadair huh
Cadair what the hell is going on with @eteq
DrCadair on Freenode testing
eteq On the mobile app I dont see anything other then text it looks like
Cadair you on the riot mobile app right now?
eteq Yes, that'd where the notification came in (rather oddly)
bsipocz I only see "testing" over here (riot desktop)
eteq Although it might be the gitter<->riot bridge?
bsipocz ( or here on slack
Cadair I think you need to leave the room and rejoin eteq I only see you through the gitter bot
Cadair heaven only knows what's occuring, I can't reproduce it at all lol
Cadair how did my testing messages come through on slack
Cadair ?
Oct 09 2017 13:23
bsipocz ( as “testing”
Cadair Good that's what I sent.