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Oct 2017
Sushobhana Patra
Oct 30 2017 08:48
New to open source community,any suggestion on where to start?Thanks!
Vaibhav Tulsyan
Oct 30 2017 20:36
Hello! I'm new to astropy - been writing Python for over 5 years now but don't have any background in astronomy per se.
There are 2 issues that particularly interest me -
  1. astropy/astropy#6587
  2. astropy/astropy#6650
    Regarding 1. - @crawfordsm mentioned on the issue that he would be working on it; I'd be more than glad to implement this feature if @crawfordsm hasn't started working on it yet.
Zé Vinícius
Oct 30 2017 22:44
Hey @xennygrimmato, glad you want to contribute to astropy!
Please, go ahead and comment on astropy/astropy#6587 saying that you are interested on working on it and wait @crawfordsm response :)