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Repo info
    himanshu_garg Sry to bother you all
    himanshu_garg But i was trying to do some changes in docs of astroquery
    himanshu_garg But cannot find how to do
    himanshu_garg Should i have to download spinx first
    himanshu_garg Or something else
    himanshu_garg Whats the procedure then?
    Cadair himanshu_garg: you probably want to be in #astropy_astroquery-paper:openastronomy.org
    Cadair wait no
    Cadair I eman
    Cadair mean
    Cadair #astropy_astroquery:openastronomy.org
    Cadair which is the current channel
    Cadair this one isn't really used anymore
    himanshu_garg Kk thanks a lot
    himanshu_garg By the way, do you have any idea how to solve the mentioned problem
    Cadair You will have to download sphinx
    himanshu_garg Then?
    Cadair but I haven't ever built the astroquery docs, so I don't really know, but you could try python setup.py build_docs that works for most astropy projects
    himanshu_garg K i will try this
    himanshu_garg After doing it, it has made the _build
    himanshu_garg Which contais the whole docs
    himanshu_garg So now how can i modify it, any idea
    Cadair *here
    phantsure is it a good practice here to make a draft proposal and get it reviewed by the mentor before gsoc?