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    Andrew Tork Baker
    Good morning OSCON! If you’re using your Linux laptop for today’s tutorial, use this room to swap questions with other Linux users.
    Karl Fogel
    On Debian, I just did 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install docker docker.io docker-compose python-docker'.
    (For what it's worth. Not sure what the difference between "docker" and "docker.io" is, as Debian packages, but the latter seems to package up a somewhat later version of Docker. I just got 'em both.)
    Andrew Tork Baker
    @kfogel - super - thanks!
    Ilya Lipnitskiy
    FYI, on my Ubuntu 14.04 system docker didn't start automatically, but appears to work after I did a "sudo start docker"
    Michael Clawson
    BTW, I had to run 'sudo service docker start' before docker would start
    Tony Bye
    I usually run sudo docker -d
    Michael Ewan
    How do you set the proxy for docker to use on CentOS 6.5, the docker docs only shows for CentOS 7. I tried the environment variable but docker times out trying to get the list of repos. The proxy is working since I can 'curl' the same url and get the list.
    Andrew Tork Baker
    @michaelewan - Can’t say I know the answer. Does anyone in the room have it working on CentOS 6.5?
    Trying to install docker on lubuntu. Seems like it the apt-get method is not working. E: Unable to locate package docker-engine
    I followed the direction on https://docs.docker.com/installation/ubuntulinux/#install but even on "$apt-cache policy docker-engine" I get "N: Unable to locate package docker-engine"
    Ummmm ... I just realised my ubuntu is 32 bit. Shall try on 64 bit to see what happens.
    damn it . that was it!