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Bollini Kiran
TouchAction obj = new TouchAction(driver);
Hello everyone!
would love your feedback on our API automation framework
Mike Green
anyone using Selenioum to test webpages build with REACT ?
Plz and thanksa
Юрий Иванов
@zxcv.mjg_gitlab You'd better use Selenide for UI testing
Much better especially for SPA applications.

Does anyone have any experience with performance/load testing? I'd really appreciate any resources that have proven to be helpful to you as I'm going to be getting involved in starting that up for my company. I'm currently looking into using either k6 or artillery.



Юрий Иванов
Its strongly depends on your needs
If you need simple load testing you can just use Apache JMeter
At least at first try
Special cloud resources needed only when you have to do REALLY HEAVY load testing
and when you know what you do :) I mean you need some load testing knowledge already
By the way JMeter can be run from few instances from different machines. So if you have free resources in your company you can organize your mini Jmeter cloud :)
error: No profiles for 'com.iostesting.WebDriverAgentRunner' were found: Xcode couldn't find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching 'com.iostesting.WebDriverAgentRunner'. Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild. (in target 'WebDriverAgentRunner')
Please let me know the reason?
*Its very urgent
Mike Green
anyone use testcomplete here
Georgina Hall
hi, maybe stupid question... I'm having an issue with my own repo with multiple markdown files in github? just will not work (each file is .md) it only shows raw and not formatted
is there a magic way that I have completely missed?
@kiranz looks awesome! I had a quick look, might also be worth adding in support for BDD?
Dmitri Zaitsev
Hi folks!
Ankit Patel
Hi all!
have somebody else?
Mike Green
I know its beginner software, but anyone using smartbear products here?
wpv1999 09:14
I want to know how to set up the framework to do this DNA sequence in comparison with today's datasets can someone join that to me to give me a suggestion or tell me how to pickle say I'm not I am beginner at it http: / /dmb.iasi.cnr.it/camur.php please Let Me Know If someone knows How to set up anything just to load dataset
Aionitoaie Andrei
hi guys
i need some help
i'm trying to start an api testing framewokr..
and i'm trying to make the login through api
all good.
but after the post login i receive a 302 (redirect)
I keep the session id and pass it to the next call , a simple get of the home page
And the session isn't preserved
what did work..is to get all the cookies from the request headers...not only the session id
my problem is that i cannot get the "Request Headers"
any ideas? (i'm wokring in ruby)
Hi there, I am Vijay. Mobile app tester. I never tried automation testing for mobile apps. I am not from technical (coding) background. Now I am planing to learn scripting language for automation testing. Can anyone suggest best scripting language? How to start with it as a layman? How to learn scripting language? What are the pre-requisites to learn a language?
saurabh gupta
Start with java
Or python
Hello everyone! Can someone suggest to me best python framework on top of selenium like Codeception?
How to generate uber jar only test resources in maven project?
Manikandan M G
How to generate static allure report? Currently, allure report is closed after closing command prompt. I want share report to others through email after test script execution is completed
Wejdene Bannour
anybody here?
@dzharii hi
Apostolos Touloupakis
hello anybody here?
Ritesh Bilgaiyan
Hi is there anyone who is working/worked on hybrid app build in ionic framework?
Ritesh Bilgaiyan
Hii need help for hybrid application build in ionic framework
Drop down value is not loaded drop down list box while running selenium test script in IE browser alone? why? What is the solution?
Enrique Matta-Rodriguez
Just found your repo, OMG you just made my job soooo much easier. We're modeling our QA department around QAOPS and this will help me get the devs the right tooling for testing and reporting. Thank you so much.
Mykhailo Poliarush
we have enabled discussions on github
please join
Osman Raif Güneş