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Feb 2016
Ali Salehi
Feb 11 2016 01:47
Looking at DurandalJS, it is based on knockout framework, essentially that is the alternative framework to AngularJS. As of today, Knockout has 18k questions on StackOverflow Vs 140k Angular has, essentially angular is much more popular and well supported in comparison to Knockout/DurandalJs
I have previously tried knockout but then leaned toward AngularJS for all my products
Paul Marrington
Feb 11 2016 02:41
either 8 times the number of users or 8 times harder to use :smile:
Ali Salehi
Feb 11 2016 04:14
@paulmarrington Alex would need some help installing docker / after following the instructions
Feb 11 2016 04:47
During Docker setup on Windows I got this: Creating CA: C:\Users\Alex.docker\machine\certs\ca.pem
Running pre-create checks...
Creating machine...
(default) Copying C:\Users\Alex.docker\machine\cache\boot2docker.iso to C:\Users\Alex.docker\machine\machines\default\boot2docker.iso...
(default) Creating VirtualBox VM...
(default) Creating SSH key...
Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: write |1: The pipe has been ended.
Looks like something went wrong... Press any key to continue...
Ali Salehi
Feb 11 2016 04:49
@claustral @paulmarrington I created an issue on github for this atogov/RAM#29
Feb 11 2016 04:57
thanks ali!