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Jun 2016
Richard Pöttler
Jun 13 2016 18:26
hi, is it possible that sync-settings doesn't delete packages i removed on another host and packed up the config?
but it will install new packages, right?
Dirk Thomas
Jun 13 2016 19:35
@poettler-ric Correct, sync-settings newer deletes any packages. It only installs packages.
@poettler-ric newer -> never
Richard Pöttler
Jun 13 2016 19:36
Thank you for clearing that up.
somehow it uses a lot of cpu when it applies a new package - dont know why...
for a very long time - havent measured it, but it is easy >1 minute for just one package (linter-golint)
ok, no idea, where the cpu consumption comes from - might be just ordinary atom..