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Mar 2016
Joachim De Beule
Mar 09 2016 22:26
has distributed locking been (re)moved? gives a 404
Richard Pijnenburg
Mar 09 2016 22:35
Should still be there. I know a lot of docs are changed.
Not behind a computer so can't check.
Joachim De Beule
Mar 09 2016 23:02
it's not, but it's linked to from
Jordan Halterman
Mar 09 2016 23:44
So, it was moved to a different module. DGroup was moved to its own module, and DLock moved to atomix-concurrent since coordination didn't make as much sense. Those docs will be updated probably tonight when the rest of the PRs are merged. It's sort of in between states ATM
The package and URLs just changed but the code is DLock is the same