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Mar 2016
Jordan Halterman
Mar 22 2016 02:41
Joachim De Beule
Mar 22 2016 14:46
so what about the RejectedExecutionException on closing a replica (^^). Should i make an issue?
Jordan Halterman
Mar 22 2016 16:13
Yeah you should make an issue. I've actually looked into this a bit before. I experimented with setting a RejectedExecutionHandler (or whatever that interface is) in the past. You can e.g. suppress the rejected execution. I removed that change to allow it to continue to throw them so it's not ignored. Essentially, what seems to happen is Copycat uses several single threaded executors (different event loops) and frequently switches between them, and once one executor is shut down and while another one is still running we see these exceptions since some of the callbacks for the second executor are trying to use the first. The question is whether anything that's being executed after shutdown is important. I would argue it's likely not. These are just race conditions that have little negative impact. Once you shut down a replica events can stop at any time. But just need to make sure that nothing critical is lost.