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May 2016
Jason Savlov
May 27 2016 16:06
@jhalterman hey man you mentioned me a couple weeks ago.. I got caught up in my finals and lost track of these messages. So, the answer to your question of what was wrong with my pom file, is to be honest I can't recall the exact issue. But it had to do with having the incorrect version of one of the dependencies -- it was completely absent from any maven builds. but I made it one 1/100 of a version higher and it worked. Lol! So I figured it was a typo in the current version of the pom in the official repo, because that's what we were using as a skeleton in the initial moments of our project
Jonathan Halterman
May 27 2016 17:20
@jsavlov no problem. glad you got it sorted out! that was my concern as well that there might have been something wrong with the official pom, but so far we haven't found anything
Jordan Halterman
May 27 2016 20:18


Catalyst 1.1, Copycat 1.1, and a new Atomix RC have all been released
  • Catalyst/Copycat 1.1 introduce some breaking changes for OSGi support
  • This may be the last Atomix RC
Jon Hall
May 27 2016 23:04
Looking at CopycatClient second paragraph: "When the client is connected, the client will attempt to one of the known member Address provided to the builder.” Looks like there is a missing verb there