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Jul 2016
Jul 16 2016 14:50
Hi all - I am trying to find the correct way to run a service thread on only one node in a cluster. I think the correct way is to use the Leader election and when a node is elected as Leader then allow the thread to process the business logic. However, I have a few questions - (1) will the election happen even if a member does not call for an election at a regular interval ... basically in a start method can a node join the group and then call for an election only once at the start? Then when the leader leaves / or exits unexpectedly does a new election occurs automatically ? OR do I have to have each node call for an election at a specified interval? I think what would be ideal is to join the group / call for an election only once and then if members leave or join the elections happen automatically
Jul 16 2016 16:05
nevermind - i read the javadocs and that clarified the behavior
Jordan Halterman
Jul 16 2016 22:05
Yay for docs! :clap:
The latter is the case indeed