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Sep 2016
Sep 20 2016 10:31
I have found this issue , but i thought i was wrong .
Sep 20 2016 11:37
Hi, Jordan , i found another issue which is when the server starts with no cluster config, it will simply become the leader ,while another server starts with no member configuring , it will become leader as well, then there will be two leaders in the cluster.
Jordan Halterman
Sep 20 2016 16:45
Can you elaborate? Give an example? There are ways to force a split brain at startup by providing an incorrect/unsafe configuration for two clusters. This is why all nodes in the cluster should be started with the same configuration, or a cluster can be started from a single node with additional nodes joining it.
If bootstrap is used then Copycat assumes the bootstrapped configuration is the full, starting cluster configuration. It's safe to bootstrap multiple nodes only if they have the same configuration. Bootstrapping nodes with different configurations can cause split brain. If join is used Copycat assumes one of the members in the list of nodes to join is or will be alive and able to reach a leader.