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Oct 2016
Oct 23 2016 14:08
I have read the doc ,but there are two questions
  1. how often is the snapshot taking in copycat, i found every time when appendRPC sends ,it will check the index ,if it is greater than another member ,it will send install snapshot. will it be too frequent? your log compaction chapter, you mentioned , maybe the user will release the tombstone before the entries it invalidates ,why this thing will
happen, does not the state machine execute command linearly?
Oct 23 2016 14:59
@jhalterman Thanx! I'll go with Atomix to implement distributed sessions storage. I already use TTL in a distributed hashmap.
Oct 23 2016 17:11
Hey guys, CopyCat Question : I was wondering why you chose NOT to expose the StateMachine itself on the copycat server. This would allow us to get the state machine values from the server as well. Any other way than creating a client as well?