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Mar 2017
Mar 07 2017 17:13
Hi, I'm one of the Druid ( devs at Yahoo. Druid is a distributed storage system that uses curator/zookeeper for various coordination tasks.
We have been contemplating on removing zookeeper/curator from Druid for various reasons. I am evaluating Atomix for doing membership discovery and leader election inside Druid. I have some questions. I appreciate your thoughts.
when using DistributedGroup and...
  • Say, client was slow due to GC pause or something and its session expired (so its keep-alive is rejected, or how would it know that session is expired). will it create new session?
  • with new session, does it need to re-join the groups?
  • with new session, does it need to re-register the group listeners?
  • do we ever need to re-register the serializers?
  • If I use only DistributedGroups and MEMORY storage, with about 500 members, what is worst case(one or more members down) memory utilization hit?
  • is there any upper bound on memory utilization ?