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Jul 2017
Jordan Halterman
Jul 13 2017 00:01
@aaudiber Copycat had that requirement, but it's gone now in Atomix. You can look at some of the ServerState tests to see how it's done there. Basically, create a SingleThreadContext and use it to open the log on the correct thread. It's ugly, which is why it's gone now ๐Ÿ˜€

The features listed in the README are features that will be ported over from ONOS before a full release. They're done and are very well tested, but refactoring is slow since we have a corporate funded project to keep stable. I've just moved over some of the interfaces so far.

ClusterCommunicationService has an addSubscriber method to listen for messages

Oh yeah there was one more question...
Andrew Audibert
Jul 13 2017 00:05
Got it, thanks!
Jordan Halterman
Jul 13 2017 00:06
The alpha release is only stable up to the Raft implementation, which is being used in ONOS. It's being tested right now. The releases are largely to support more extensive testing in ONOS. Thus far it looks really good and appears more stable than Copycat was aside from one bug that will be fixed today. I've already been able to run much more extensive distributed systems tests on Atomix Raft than Copycat was able to handle. Within the next week or two we'll have all the rest of the bugs worked out and it will be a much better implementation than Copycat was.
Some time soon there will be a stable release of everything up to the Raft implementation. I need it for an ONOS release. After that the rest of the messaging, partitioning, primitives, transactions, etc will be moved from ONOS into Atomix.
Jordan Halterman
Jul 13 2017 00:13
itโ€™s a little inelegant but I have to ease the transition between the two projects
Johno Crawford
Jul 13 2017 10:34
Yeah easier to track regressions that way imo
Okay so for point to point messaging and distributed maps I'll need to wait a little longer.