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Sep 2017
Sep 04 2017 02:05
@kuujo is this the correct syntax for AtomixReplica.getValue("table").get().set(table);? The get method waits for ever and doesn't return, if I pass a timeout it will timeout. Does the number of nodes in the cluster matter for this call to succeed? I have tried having 3 nodes in the cluster, the method is still stuck.
Sep 04 2017 19:47
@johnou thanks.
Sep 04 2017 19:53
I need to coordinate nodes inside autoscaling group in a cloud (where I don't have fixed list of all ip addresses and nodes can come and go at any time). Few months ago I asked whether I can use Atomix for it and the answer was no (1.0 doesn't support this usecase because cluster never forgets failed node and will try to ping it forever).
What version 2.0 brings on this topic?