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Sep 2017
Michał Bednarek
Sep 25 2017 18:14
Hi, I`m looking for simple tutorial about atomix Or if someone could easily describe what atomix can be used for?
Michał Bednarek
Sep 25 2017 18:48
why site with examples not working?
Jordan Halterman
Sep 25 2017 19:37
All documentation and examples on the current website are for Atomix 1. Use the 1.x branch if you want to see them. The master branch is now Atomix 2 and the site will be updated and new examples will be added some time next month.
Michał Bednarek
Sep 25 2017 19:46
I don't can understand where I can use Atomix? I read a documentation and I don't find usage for Atomix? Who can help me understand this framework? Maybe is somewhere some tutorial
Jonathan Halterman
Sep 25 2017 21:05
@objectprogr The general use case is where you want to store data in a strongly consistent way. The common use cases include storing application configuration, coordinating between nodes, performing leader election, creating distributed locks. Some of these things are shown briefly on the project landing page:
A lot of users are previously familiar with ZooKeeper or also etcd. The use cases for Atomix are the same, but extend beyond those since you can write your own state machines.
In terms of tutorials, there are a few. Here's one that shows how to build a basic distributed datastore, along the lines of etcd, using Copycat (which Atomix is built on - simlar APIs)