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Dec 2017
Johno Crawford
Dec 30 2017 09:05
@GEverding one node cluster is not supported
Note that in order to form a cluster, a majority of instances must be started concurrently to allow Raft partitions to form a quorum. The future returned by the start() method will not be completed until all partitions are able to form. If your Atomix instance is blocking indefinitely at startup, ensure you enable DEBUG logging to debug the issue.
@pawel-kaminski-krk sure, happy to take a look
Johno Crawford
Dec 30 2017 09:43
Wouldn't atomix fall under back end development? (just looked up mirror conf)
Garrett Everding
Dec 30 2017 11:45
@johnou why is one node not supported? ETCD/raft is allowed to run as a single node for development. This makes developing really annoying.
Johno Crawford
Dec 30 2017 11:54
Because more than one node is required for a quorum at the moment, not sure if @kuujo plans to change that in the future
Johno Crawford
Dec 30 2017 13:53
@kuujo seems to be an issue with anti entropy, I'll investigate tonight
Here's the reproducer
Roman Pearah
Dec 30 2017 16:04
@kuujo I was wondering if there are any good open source examples in the wild of Atomix being used for a real-life problem. It's not that I don't believe it's possible but things usually click for me when I see something used to solve a largeish task.